About Me

I have been trying to save the planet from a very early age. I managed a year of student nursing, but realised I got too 'emotionally' involved with my cases, plus I had discovered 'Live Music' in the same year. I left nursing to pursue a career of a sound engineer in TV and loved the excitement, travel, logic, and fun that that job gave me.

After many years of that, I started studying psychology, and stumbled onto complementary therapies. I became a 'workshop junkie' and attended as many courses as I could and devoured books on all sorts of various subjects. I freelanced in TV while I built up my Complementary Healing practice.

A friend directed me to the EFT site in 2000, but the method of learning at that stage wasn't suitable for SA learners. In 2001 the methods changed and I was opened up to a strange new world of energy psychology. I had studied mind power courses and am fascinated by the power of our mind. The real personal shifts only began when I acknowledged the power of negative thinking, and that is when my life changed forever.

I now run marathons, have completed many ultra marathons, and even completed the supreme ultra- the 89km Comradesmedals clean.JPGmedals clean.JPGmedals clean.JPGmedals clean.JPG Marathon four times!This is from a confirmed 'couch potato'! I write books and do public speaking, things that I always felt were always unachievable. I have completed the Camino Frances, a 800km pilgrimage in Spain, on my own, something which I never thought I would do on my own.I have published a book, and am currently completing 3 more books and am loving the writing process.

I now realise that the planet can and does take care of itself. My only responsibility is to live the best life I can and now with all these excellent energy methods, I am!  Self empowerment is such a cliche nowadays, but I can attest to the power of taking my life back and letting go of what is not my responsibility.

Let me help you get your power back!