Recommended reading

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There are many books that can help you gain an insight into the wonderful world of Tapping EFT. Here is a list of some that I would recommend, I have personally read all the books on the list. Amazon UK still post books and articles to South Africa so I use them often. They can be cheaper than buying them locally and for the overseas buyer, it is a useful alternative! (Please note that some of these links are affiliated to myself, which helps bring in funds to maintain this website)

EFT related books

The Promise of Energy Psychology. David Feinstein; Donna Eden; Gary Craig. This book was the catalyst for me to understand why tapping works. It gives a scientific explanation with great case histories.   Amazon UK
Energy Medicine Donna Eden. This is a very comprehensive book on energy with extremely useful exercises and simple explanations and colourful case studies. A must have in anyones book collection.
Tapping the Healer Within. Richard Trubo; Roger Callahan. One of the pioneers in Energy Psychology, much can be attributed to Dr Callahan. Excellent overview of the extended protocols of TFT.  Amazon UK
Emotional Healing in Minutes: Simple Accupressure Techniques for your Emotions. Paul Lynch; Valerie Lynch. Excellent case studies, simply written, easy to understand and good diagrams.  Amazon UK 
Five Simple Steps to Emotional Healing. Gloria Arenson. A great little book, explaining meridian therapies, concentrating on EFT but touches on other modalities.          Amazon UK

Mind over Weight: A miraculous new easy way to lose weight. Martyn Dawes. Instruction type book to help you understand and clear emotional blockages to losing weight.  Amazon UK
The Ultimate Weight Solution: The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom. Dr Phil McGraw. Dr Phil gives some useful insight as to the emotional problems that go with weight gain/loss. Very effective when used with EFT.    Amazon UK

Ask and it is Given:Learning to manifest your desires. Esther and Jerry Hicks. This information is based on the 'law of attraction', extremely helpful and so easy to apply EFT with this to really get the life you desire. A must read!  Amazon UK 
Eastern body, Western MindAnodea Judith. This book really explains the Chakra system in Western concepts. Extremely useful in understanding psychological concepts. Recommended for therapists and self healing.   Amazon UK

Why men don't listen & women can't read maps. Allan & Barbara Pease. An interesting and amusing look at the evolution of the species. Gender differences are explained. Useful in understanding the opposite sex, as well as in the therapeutic environment.   Amazon UK

Transforming your dragons Josi Stevens, Jose Stevens How to turn fear patterns into personal power. This book can be extremely helpful in identifying what your fears are. Then using EFT you can quickly making lasting changes, and live your life fear free!   Amazon UK

Other Inspirational Books

Ask your guides. Sonia Choquette  A light hearted book, easy to read about talking to your guardian angels, and spirit guides

Eat, love, pray. Elizabeth Gilbert This is the most exciting, interesting book, I have read this year. Not quite the usual self help book, but it is all about Elizebeth's journey for self fulfilment. Well written, it feels like you are reading about a friend. Makes me want to go to Italy, and Indonesia, not too sure about India yet!               Amazon UK                                                          

Notes from the Universe:New perspectives from an old friend.   Mike Dooley. Daily inspiration with a does of humour    Amazon UK

ProsperityPie. Sark This is a phenomenal writer, easy to read, colourful and very down to earth, Sark has helped me get in touch with my creative side.                     Amazon UK 
God is No Laughing Matter. Julia Cameron. This book is fantastic, you will laugh, and be touched by the truth that Julia writes. Every person on a Spiritual Path should read this book, just to keep some perspective.   Amazon UK 
Leaving the Saints  Martha Beck. One of my favourite authors, she writes very down to earth about delicate topics. This is a controversial story of leaving the Mormon Church. Amazon UK 
Expecting Adam.  Martha Beck. A touching humourous story of a difficult pregnancy and giving birth to a Down Syndrome son against societies' wishes.                           Amazon UK
Finding your Own North Star.  Martha Beck. A great book to help you sort out what you want from life. Easy read and nice personal examples.                                         Amazon UK