Case Studies

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My personal experience shared with my clients


The nature of EFT is so varied that my experience ranges from simple 'one minute wonders' to huge  life altering changes. I enjoy working with and have had great success in, weight issues, self belief and even anxiety disorders. I am humbled and feel honoured to be 'allowed' into my clients life and every day feel so blessed to be a part of helping my clients make shifts into their own healing process. All the examples mentioned here have pseudonyms to protect confidentiality and some situations have been altered to maintain privacy.

Case Studies

Weight loss

'A-weigh it Goes' weight loss workshops have been tremendously popular and most delegates have experienced profound shifts on personal beliefs. Not all the clients have had dramatic weight loss, instead internal shifts may have occured so that food is no longer the main focus, cravings most certainly subside often to the surprise of the clients. I always start off my weight loss workshops with "It's never about the food". This comment usually is not taken seriously but after the workshops there tends to be an agreement with this claim!

Frida (26) "Food is no longer an issue in my life. I don't binge anymore. Cravings are a thing of the past and now I can eat only because my body needs food"

Moira (46) "Eating is not the all-consuming thing it used to be. The food obsession is not nearly what it was and a packet of crisps every day is a thing of the past"

Ann (52) "I used to hide when i wanted to eat, now I can eat comfortably in front of others without guilt or shame"


Physical Pain

The session was fantastic, although I felt emotionally drained afterwards. I still am amazed at how my body reacted to the tapping.

That feeling and sensation of piercing my heart with a sharp object is virtually gone. I normally had that feeling and sensation when I go to bed and again when wake up. This morning while listening and tapping to PSTEC I realized that I didn't have that feeling or sensation last night or this morning. When I think about it, it is almost impossible to feel or experience the sensation. Although it feel as if there is still a little bit of a residual of the feeling and sensation left, it is so close to zero on the intensity scale that it is negligible. Thank you so much for yesterday it was awesome. I am looking forward to our next session! 


Over the past few years, I have taken up long distance running. In the process of becoming a runner, the mind plays a huge part in making or breaking me. This has been a great opportunity to use tapping to change the negative state of my tired body.

I have also had 'Train your Brain' workshops before the Ultra Marathon the Comrades. These have become very useful in addressing fears and anxieties leading up to the big day. One of the interesting case studies which still has a postive outcome was on an experienced runner Ilse (61). She was facing her 19th Comrades, and for all her years of running, had a very upset stomach. This stomach problem resulted in 'accidents' while running, and it was very embarrassing and uncomfortable. Fancy diets, medicines and pills, as well as avoiding certain foods, made very little difference. While attending the 2 hour long workshop we addressed the problem. She admitted that she expects her tummy to be a problem. After tapping on the expectations, and beliefs, she felt comfortable, but still cautious. She ran her next Comrades without incident, her first comfortable run in a long long time. Two years later, and yet another Comrades, she reports that she no longer struggles with her tummy on the road. She is still cautious with her diet, but her worries now are only about doing the distance, and no longer whether her tummy will do the running!

Group Tappingtapping idols.jpg

I was invited to demonstrate how to tap on the 2011 Idols contestants with regards to performance anxiety and stage-fright. The interesting aspect of working with these talented individuals was the difference in their performances  during rehearsal and the actual show. It was not the crowds or the TV lights and camera's that caused the most anxiety, but the presence of the judges and being criticised, so we tapped through those fears which resulted in most of the contestants relaxing and enjoying their performances on stage. The following weeks saw far more smiles and enjoyment and the judges remarked on their emotions coming through their performances. 


Imaginary Client- Bafana Bafana!

It is 2010, and South Africa is on the edge of a precipiece. We are showcasing one of the world's largest sporting events, The Football World Cup. This has been talked about and analysed and prepared for for years, but sadly our national football team just doen't seem to win games. We have the talent, we have the energy, we just don't get the goals. I was thinking about this one day, when I came up with the idea, 'what I would do if the team was my cleint'

The next story is the result of my exploration!

If Bafana Bafana were my client

Bafana Bafana, as country hosts, are in the very fortunate position to be allowed to play in the upcoming World Cup without the need for qualifying. Nobody is really expecting them to get further than the first round. In fact most people are not expecting them to score one goal. Psychologically and energetically this can be adjusted, but not likely to happen.
I had this flash of insight the one night as I was dropping off to sleep, and it is purely my personal opinion.
I am also no football expert, and haven't deliberately watched many matches, apart from my brother's social league matches, in the late seventies and eighties, however I am passionate about people and how they think, and the power of expectation, and this is why this topic came about.

South African sport seems to have a strange energy about it. Apart from our national rugby side, we never seem to live up to our skill and win major tournaments. Our cricket team has a history of 'choking' on achieving big titles, and the Cricket World Cup seems to keep escaping us. This is not a problem of skill, nor is it the coaches, nor selectors problem, so we have to ask why?

Bafana Bafana have very talented players, yet their national winning record, is a little shabby. We are quick to point out the coach changes, lack of cohesion, and all sorts, but I say that if they are able to put all the ego's aside, they would be able to surprise themselves and the world and have a good chance at the world cup trophy.

This is probably laughable to most people, and probably the players themselves, this is where I would start my work!

The first thing I would do is show them an example of a country in similar situation.

South Korea in the 2002 World Cup. From my own perspective, as I was there!

This was a little known team who were co-hosting the World Cup with Japan. Although Korea had played in world cups before, and had taken them 32 years to qualify again in 1986, but this was the first tournament to be hosted in Asia. Until 2002 South Korea had been unable to win any matches in the World Cup, having only drawn or lost. For weeks before the tournament, national TV channels had programs on football and how it is played. Football was not a very well known sport to the majority of the locals, yet over the months prior to the tournament, the national players became major celebrities, and heroes to their people. The opening match they went onto the field, hopeful and pumped up to give their best. When they drew their first match there was a moment of disbelief and then the mass media machine went into overdrive. The game was played back on TV endless times, and the goals replayed so many times that the tape wore thin. Analysis and commentary came from all avenues, and there was a wave of excitement that Korea could go forward.

The country became a sea of red, as cheap t-shirts were sold to everyone, with the banner, 'Be the Red's' written on it. They also had theme songs which when sung in unison, made the atmosphere electric. Huge outdoor screens showed the national teams matches, as city centres became one huge red party. Propelled forward on the positive energy Korea upped their game and ended up getting through to the next round. They were not considered a threat to the strong 'major' teams, but I think they surprised the football world with their passion, and nationwide support. They went on to beat, Portugal, Spain and Italy in thrilling matches, however Germany proved too strong for them after reaching the semi-finals, they ended up losing to Turkey in a game for third place.

This whirlwind of a tournament set a precedent for the business brain of football, and now a lot of European and British teams have Korean players in their team, ensuring the global visibility of football brands.

So how can Bafana learn from this?

Well, it showed the world that disciplined passion can go a long way, but ultimately Korea's defeat, made sure that the football royalty status quo was retained. Africa is a lot like South America, in that football is a passion. Fiery, classy and creative players come from the continent, but can we combine this into a cohesive team, that can shock the international football world into sitting up and noticing? Most people think not. The country wants to be hopeful, but underneath it all, it gives the national team little chance of getting through, never mind a win.

This is the starting point.
The energy behind the players.

What are their expectations as individuals?
What are their expectations as a team?

Who do they class as international power house players? Why?

How do they feel about their African track record?

These aspects can be very easily changed by careful tapping on the underlying feelings. Not talking about it, they have to shift the body energy towards their expectations too.

Do they feel they have the same skills? Where are their own weaknesses, both as a team and as an individual?

Inferiority complexes can already set the match up for failure, just ask Daryll Cullinan, when faced with Shane Warne, that was purely psychological bullying, but Daryll was too nice a guy, and didn't know how to stop himself from falling victim to both Shane and himself.

So how would Bafana feel when they are facing France in the first round? Do they give themselves a chance, or have they already lost the game before the match starts?

How do they feel about their team mates? This is a crucial fact, and the underlying dislikes have to be removed before there will be any team cohesion.

Do they have the capacity to know their opponents, are they prepared to watch recordings of games, and watch styles, and be able to put themselves in the opposition's shoes? Knowing your 'enemy' is the best form of defence, and knowledge is key, are the players willing to understand not only their own game, but that of the other teams?

Any underlying fear has to be addressed. Fear of failure, falling ill, not remembering team tactics, anything that can give rise to self- doubt, and cause stalling, must be cleared before the opening match. The only adrenaline that must be rushing through their veins must be one of expecting a powerful positive result and excitement, not any doubt, because that is debilitating.

All in all, this is fantastic opportunity for Bafana to step up their game, and get rid of their inner demons and surprise the world with their skill. I hope the country gets behind them, and that the powers that be, realise that all these psychologial things can be addressed and cleared very easily.

Now all they need is ... ME!