I am based in Gauteng but have worked very successfully over the telephone and Skype, so geographical distance should not be a problem. Many practitioners and their clients consider telephone sessions to be as effective as one to one sessions sometimes they may even be preferred. Why?

  • Concentration may be better as there are less visual distractions which could occur in a new environment.
  • Less time spent travelling on our busy roads, so saves on costs on time and travel. It can also offer greater flexiblity in scheduling appointments
  • Not being confined to a specific area allows you a much wider selection of EFT therapists so you can find a therapist that you are completely comfortable with.

My contact details are:
Mobile +27 83 861 5871


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The practitioners mentioned here are personally known to me. There are other practitioners in SA, but I would like to personally recommend these below as they have been in active practice of EFT and have followed the Gary Craig route of learning.


Don Mallinick
011 965 1240
082 298 4845