Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

by Cathie van Rooyen last modified 2016-12-14 13:16

An overview of commonly asked questions. (Please note that some of these links are affiliated to me, which helps fund this website)

I don't know what to say

Many people get put off of using EFT because they don't know what to say. Sometimes it appears too simple, and the feelings can be bypassed. Therapists can be a little intimidating with their ease of flow, and when you try to work with an issue on your own, you may become stuck with not knowing what to say. This is an excellent ebook for purchase to help you with the initial process.  Click here

EFT ebook

Magnus has put some special deals together to make your EFT journey as simple as possible. His book 'Tap yourself free' is a great way to work through your own issues without the need of a therapist. For more information click here

Can I use EFT on my kids?

Yes you can, and to help you along here is an excellent manual with lots of practical examples, ideas and tips on how to help your child get rid of stress, overcome being bullied and lots more. Instant download purchase here

I want to learn more

Silvia Hartman is a fantastic author, writer and is a pioneer of EFT in the UK. She has an excellent book 'Adventures in EFT' with a forward from EFT founder Gary Craig Purchase here

Can I use EFT for panic attacks?

Yes, you can. I have used it very successfully on clients and would suggest you try it. If you don't have the time you can purchase this book by Nicola Quinn who helped clear herself of panic attacks

Can I use it for headaches?

Yes, EFT is very easy to use and has helped a migraine sufferer clear herself of major weekly pain after one session. To do it yourself at home, I would recommend this book for immediate pain relief. 

Will it help build my confidence?

It has certainly helped me! I personally vouch for this simple tool to get over all sorts of emotional hurdles blocking you from being the confident person you long to be. Brad Yates is a world renowned EFT specialist and in this course he teams up with  Hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones to help you build up your confidence. Purchase it here

Can it help me lose weight?

For sure! Tapping can help adjust your relationship with your body and food and the changes will be permanent! It can also help your resistance to exercise. For more information click here

Can I improve my golf game?

For sure. If you want to slash your handicap, impress your friends and stay ahead of the pack, then this course is for you! Combined with 'Golf Hypnosis' this will push your golf performance to new heights! Click here now!