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How does EFT work?

My explanation

I have always been fascinated by mind/body therapies. How do emotions affect the body and vice versa?

As a young girl I was always asking questions as to the how and why. I studied Psychology to try get some insight. I am not a girl of science, but I wanted some answers. Here's what I learnt about Psychology and the brain. It is not an exact science! There are too many 'if's and possibles' to be an exact science. The human brain has proved to be so amazing that everything scientists and medical experts think they know the brain, but can often be proved wrong.There are many examples that science and medicine cannot explain. Eg, people losing half their physical brain only to be fully functioning and capable; people having strokes and recovering fully while others with the same sypmtoms recover differently.

Take the unexplicable simple example of a placebo effect. When someone in pain is given a vitamin but told it is a painkiller, it often can affect the person in such a way that the pain is relieved. Our brains are very powerful.

EFT is a strange phenomenon to explain. It does not seem to make any logical sense as to why and how it works. Many people have tried to explain it, yet often it is un-explainable. It doesn't seem to 'fit' into our Western Mind's understanding of 'how things work'. There are comparisons to accupuncture, kinesealogy, psychotherapy, bio-feedback, mental distractions and so on.

I explain it like this.

The body responds to mental pictures in the brain. It can react in various ways to these images and cannot discern that they are just pictures and not necessarily reality. For example if you read the word 'chocolate' the mental image is one of chocolate. Now, depending on your experience with chocolate, your body will respond accordingly. Do you close this page and go and look for chocolate or do you put it out of your mind immediately?

The same goes for learning emotions. For eg, how you react to someone screaming in your vicinity will depend on your previous experience.We have learnt to respond in a variety of ways to different stimulus.

The human body has an innate ability to survive. It is the body's main function and purpose to keep us alive and avoid pain. Pain is a signal that we are in danger mode and could be 'close' to death! Anything that makes the body feel pain is regarded as danger and is to be avoided at all costs. At an early age the physical body goes through a series of learning what is useful to us and what is not. Anything that pains us is not useful and we learn behaviour mechanisms to protect us.

This, I explain as 'coping mechanisms'. These coping mechanisms can become automatic responses in order to protect us from danger. Real or perceived. These coping mechanisms have also been called the 'Flight or fight' response. When facing danger- do we stay and fight the danger or run from danger? Our body responds physically to this danger by producing various chemicals to get us to move or stay. These chemicals are released into the system and a response is created. Next time a similar danger arises the body assesses the danger and then responds the same way.This response gets quicker and quicker and more subtle and sometimes we end up feeling like our body has its own radar system. For example, if you have had an accident involving another car, sometimes the make or colour of the car can make our body react next time we same another car in a different vicinity without consciously being aware of it. We can react with tension, or trembling or anxiety and not even be aware of the source of anxiety.

If we use the example of the car accident, we can say that we have a 'block' in our bod,y regarding those cars. These 'blocks' can cause all sorts of problems if left to sit in our energy systems and that is what EFT is so useful in clearing out. Our energy system of the body is compromised when one of these blocks affect us, as the body is responding energetically to the block by releasing the necessary chemicals to avoid pain, and sometimes we are not aware of the block except that it shows up in our 'strange' behaviour!

The chemicals that run through our body in response to a stimulus is an automatic function on behalf of our marvellous system. Sometimes the chemicals are unneccesary, as in simply recalling an event we can produce the same chemical surge. The brain is seeing the image, the chemicals released and the body responds. By using EFT the chemicals are 'told' by the body that they are not needed and that the body is safe. Thus the chemicals get neutralised and the physical response is lessened. So physically the body 'calms' down and all that remains is the memory of the event and not the physical response.

Sounds complicated but is really very simple and easy!