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My newest exciting find in the field of energy psychology







The next exciting technique to help in the field of self development combines many of the elements that interest me. Tapping, sound, emotions, feelings, all these contribute to this fascinating technique of PSTEC.

The creator, Tim Phizackerley, is a highly qualified hypnotherapist and has explored the workings of the mind and has created this unique, powerful and simple tool to clear away negative emotions, and feelings. This is not hypnosis however, but has derived from his dealings with the tool. He has a similar philosophy to Gary Craig, the EFT founder, and has made his primary product free as a download.

It is so worthwhile to go and look around the site, you can  try it out for yourself!

If you are interested click here. Or you can buy the basic download on CD here

He offers many variants of the method, and there are plenty of case histories for you to listen to.

The basic Level 1 course is for purchase, and it really is value for money. They are all audio programs in MP3 format and can be downloaded quickly and easily to your computer immediately. Click here

There is also a program to enhance the positive that you can buy, which is a useful add-on to the free tracks or the Level 1 course.

Something to help you give up smoking is another useful audio on offer, the self help tool to stop smoking. Click here 


 I have had such good results with it, I have now integrated it in my own sessions with clients. One of my clients has had this experience....

"After seeing a family member's response written on Facebook..

 I had a “mild” panic attack (yes, I think that’s an accurate description) & my immediate instinct was to phone Cathie (awesome little Cathie) …

After about 1 minute on the phone with Cathie an image came into my mind of *Jill* being a huge monster, standing in space, arms over the earth, blood
dripping from her teeth … devouring everything in sight … it was at this stage that the “mild” panic attack turned into a “severe” panic attack !!!
I said to Cathie that I’d phone her back & put the CLICK-TRACK on and started going through the motions … as I progressed through the track, *Jill* became
smaller & smaller until she was just another human on earth, struggling with her own demons! [this was 11 minutes later after approximately 25 years of
intimidation]!!! No other word but “FU-U-U-U-CK” is appropriate at this stage.

Then all of a sudden I felt an incredible ANGER at everyone who never believed me, when I told them that honesty & honour doesn’t mean anything
to *Jill* … I was pissed off because the rest of the world can’t see her real colours … so I ran the CLICK-TRACK again on this issue … all the while going
through my mind was that I would comment on her statement and that I would say the following: “You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you
can’t fool all of the people all of the time”! (tap-tap-tap)

Mulling through my mind the entire week has been HOW THE TRUTH ALWAYS COMES OUT, EVEN IF IT’S 50 YEARS LATER (I was thinking of
all the lies *Jill* had told ABOUT me over the years) … I’m mentioning this because *Jill* is actually revealing the truth about herself in the statement she
made to the world. once again it shows the Power of Intention …

Anyway, I had to run the CLICK-TRACK twice on the ANGER but when I had completed the 2nd stage, the anxiety, fear & anger had totally dissipated and
I felt sorrow for her because she has to pretend to be honest & fair! It must be really hard to live this way and keep up the pretence constantly! THAT IS
STRESS & I can with all honesty say that I feel extremely grateful that I don’t have to learn her lessons …
When I spoke to Cathie again, she suggested that I release *Jill* into her own truth & thank her for the reflections she gave me over all these years … I did
this with great love, although now I can’t remember exactly what they were, but I do know that I wouldn’t be who I am if it weren’t for her help!
I feel great … it sounds like such an understatement, but trust me it is HUGE!
Lots of love to everyone involved in this transformation today!
Celia xxx"

 This is very powerful stuff, and I am so looking forward to exploring this method, and making this world a world full of healed, happy people! If you want to do the same, click here