Public Speaking

by Cathie van Rooyen last modified 2013-06-11 18:02

Effective communication

I love talking!

I love it so much that a few years back I went on a 'communication course' and faced some demons about speaking in public. It was always something I wanted to do but always came up with good 'reasons' as to why I couldn't and shouldn't! Of course all those issues have gone now that I have tapped on it and I have since then talked to many people! Women's groups, teachers, nurses, runners, students, radio and TV have all had me in their ears.

So now I am available to give informative talks on EFT, running or anything else that comes across my interest.

Some key note speeches are:

  • How to change your mind manually!
  • Couch to Comrades- story of a reluctant runner
  • Get rid of fear- forever
  • Look after your Self

For bookings and rates please email me here